Formula 1. Alonso anxiously waiting for medical tests

The driver of Formula 1 team McLaren Spaniard Fernando Alonso admitted that a large anxiously waiting for medical tests, which will go on Thursday in Shanghai.
Only the positive result will allow him to start in the third round of the World Cup – Grand Prix (April 17) on the track in Shanghai.

– Of course I was disappointed when the FIA medical commission did not allow me to take off in the previous round in Bahrain. But I assure you that I respect without reservation all decisions of the commission, even now, when I look forward to the race in China. I feel good, I do not have any health problems, because even though I have no confidence that I go, I continue to prepare – said Alonso.

Spaniard March 20 during the first round – Australian Grand Prix – had a serious accident. On the 18th lap, when overtaking at high speed Mexican Esteban Gutierrez (Haas), Alonso hit right front wheel in the back of the ball. The car bounced off the car Haas team, hit the barrier, somersaulted in the air and then hit the safety barrier.

McLaren has been completely shattered, fragments of bodies covered track. Two-time world champion on his own got out of the car wreck.

On the track appeared safety car, the race completely stopped, and all the drivers arrived to the site. Alonso and Gutierrez were taken to a medical facility, where he underwent a short test. The first results showed no damage, but later detailed diagnostics detected in Alonso breaking several ribs.

Before the next race – the Grand Prix of Bahrain (April 3) – the driver does not pass the mandatory medical tests and was not allowed to take off, and his license has been temporarily suspended.

On Thursday, April 14 in Shanghai – as recommended by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) – Alonso again stand before a medical commission. If the test result is positive, receive permission to start.

„I believe that the decision will be positive for me, I can not imagine to re-watch the race from the stands or boxing team” – said Alonso, who in recent years has already triumphed twice in Shanghai. For the first time as a driver Renault team, and the other in the colors of Ferrari.


Liberland completes the composition. Sultes first star

Liberland. You founded on no man’s land between Serbia and Croatia April 13, 2015 year by the number of Czech politicians. As any self-respecting country, so Liberland needs its football team. The Federation recently born. How convinces her president Jacob Byzof, the matter is very serious. As for the game are urged former player Ekstraklasa, this thing has to be on top of things.
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Liberland completes the composition. Sultes first star
Photo: From Official Website (pulsstock: 2d61b192)
Liberland completes the composition. Sultes first star
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Portal wyszperał on Monday informed that the color Liberlandu (federation was founded on October 20 last year) will be proudly represented by Pavel Šultes. Supporters Polonia Warszawa and Ruch Chorzow should remember this player. In total, the Polish league he played 54 meetings, scoring 5 goals. Result too glorious for the attacker, but the needs of Liberlandu 30-year-old is currently sultes will be the star of the highest sorts. He says Byzof, sultes will play for free „play for Liberlandu, not for money.” But this is not „transfer” offensive. On the official profile on Facebook federation suspended ad. E-mail address may be reported footballers from around the world who would like to play for Liberlandu (on the principle that a citizen Liberlandu can be virtually any). There are also entries from our country.
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– We are currently in contact with about forty players. We are looking for them in Europe, mainly from the first to third leagues, but look at the football player with the fourth-level rozgrywkowego in Germany. I can tell you that we observe the three players with Polish – betrays Byzof.

– Sultes as per our possibilities, a huge gain, but do not intend to complete the construction of the composition of only one well-known name. I can already say that he will play for us Jan Bilek, a former player, among others, Slavia Prague. As of right now it is 40 years, but the experience is always in price, and ball games do not forget – he added.

Founder and president at the same time, the best players in the calculation, however, leaves at the end.

– We are talking with a player from the first team Fenerbahce. The names I can not now tell. It’s a so far peaceful approach to the subject. No, this is not a Michal Kadlec (63-times by the Czech Republic – – Laughs Byzof.

Players is one thing, the other is a coach. Here, too, keeping all proportions, is no laughing matter. The first ever coached Liberlandu was Petr Kosik. As Byzof notes, Kosik is licensed UEFA A. He is currently head coach of women’s team U-19 FC Viktoria Plzeň in the past reportedly also won the championship university in Florida.

Trainer – the players – „on the road”, we still need the stadium. It’s quite a complex subject, especially considering that Liberland has an area of … 7 km square, so this object could be the largest structure in the country.

– We plan to build a facility that will be able to accommodate 3,000 spectators. We are at the stage of seeking sponsors. The stadium although small, its costs. While we want to play matches in Olomouc or in Pilsen – says Byzof.

Stage of completing the composition continues. The first official match Liberlandu to be held in September this year. The opponent is not yet known, but according to the President, is a good chance that it will Sigma Olomouc, the team from the Czech league.
matura 2016 odpowiedzi

egzamin gimnazjalny 2016 odpowiedzi

For social engagements Liberland does not intend to confine. The number one goal for the novice is to reach the world championships ConIFA in 2018 (this year’s World Cup teams for non-members of FIFA will be held in Abkhazia, the title of weapons County of Nice).

– For us it is a really serious project. We spent longer ago many hours of hard work. And this is just the beginning. On our Facebook we announced a competition to design t-shirts representation. Many of the things we still have to do, but we are optimistic – ends Byzof.

The new state in Europe. Liberland to be an oasis of freedom

Last Monday on the map of Europe there is a new state. It is the Liberland, freedom enclave situated between Croatia and Serbia. The self-proclaimed state that is not yet won international recognition, already has its own president. Now it runs the recruitment of citizens.

Liberland does not have a constitution (this is just created), but it already has its own website. It explains that the new state is on land to which no other country does not extend the claims. The founders of the Free Republic Liberlandu recognize that it is a no man’s land.
Liberland has 7 square kilometers and is located on the west bank of the Danube, near the Croatian village of Zmajevac. The founder of the state is a Czech politician Vít Jedlička, which should be the Czech Party of Free Citizens.

Jedlička became the first president Liberlandu. The politician announced that he will soon send a diplomatic note to the governments of Serbia and Croatia, asking for official recognition of the new state. Similar notes are then sent to other countries.

The Constitution Liberlandu will be modeled on the Swiss law. You, who guided the slogan „Live and let live” is to be „a constitutional republic with elements of direct democracy.” With the announcement submitted that the authorities will force Liberlandu constitutional ban on state borrowing.

The official website Liberlandu conducted recruitment of citizens. Anybody can apply all the people who were not punished, they have no communist or Nazi past, respect private property and other people regardless of their race, ethnic origin, religion or orientation.

Liberland already has its own flag and its own emblem. The official language is Czech.

Stupid blunder – earn millions, but I enjoy the pirates

Pirates frequently complain about the owners of copyright of audio and video materials, which are collected from all the power of warez and other torrentowni. Who is without sin is, however, cast the first stone. It turns out that developers can have a legitimate claim to the people who professionally music.
From the perspective of an outsider situation described by Torrent Freak service is very funny. It looks as that even at his work earning millions of DJs do not avoid pirated software. People in the industry, which condemns Internet piracy as they could, they make brick to this practice and use in their work with the most diverse software and plug-ins without a license.
How to get into the pirates in an environment DJ? In a funny way.

Popular artist by the name Avicii was not caught by the IP research organizations of people using peer-to-peer network. He praised the use of pirated firmware, probably do not have adequate knowledge of software and licenses and not realizing what he was doing.
Screen suggesting scrackowanie by Tim „Avicii” Berling computer program appeared in the video. Musician shows at the Future Music Magazine editorial their tools. Among them was a program that in the box indicating the license holder has entered the popular name of a group of pirate Team VTX 2011.
It is worth noting that this is not a pirate copy of the game on a cell for a dollar, and very expensive software for professionals.

The fact that the artist boasts the use of Lennar Digital program certainly can translate to the popularity of this particular plugin among amateurs, but this should not slow down Tim Berling from the obligation to pay a fee for software developers.
In this case, you can not even try to justify the high price of the plugin from Lennar Digital Sylenth1. Although it costs up to 139 euros, a pirate copy using artist at work earning millions for his work.
This is actually not the first such case.

Avicii is not alone and others passed a similar slip-millionaires. Among people using pirated copies plugin Sylenth1 was Martix Garrix, which provided software license group signing a Team Air.
Steve Aoki, in turn, caught in the act and then provided evidence that the software purchased. For slip-up corresponds to his assistant, who went on shortcuts. In preparing the equipment for the route, instead use the license received any pirated copy.
Piracy is just the beginning Sylenth1 examples.

A similar slip-up at an interview with Future Music Magazine scored another pseudonym DJ Savant, which in turn spiracił software called Ohmicide, also using solutions of Team Air. So the question is, how many musicians have not caught the so-called. hand in the potty?
You can draw a suspicion that piracy in the music industry is very high. You can not, however, in this case to rationalize this phenomenon prohibitive price, because we are not talking here about aspiring artists, and musicians from the successes and millions of dollars in your account. The problem is a lack of awareness that a software can be and have to pay.
Users pirate solutions, even if adults earning millions, pirated copies can upload firmware habit of his youth and did not even realize it was something unethical.

Just as music producer sees no problem in the use of pirated software, and even does not hide from it when recording video, so anyone listening music from MP3 ripped from a friend or watching a movie from another clone kinomaniak may not even know it what he is doing is wrong.
In this case, the situation is funny, because pirates were representatives of the software industry that continuously calculates the hypothetical loss due piracenia their music. It’s not even a stereotype students who all seem to alcohol savings, but at the same time they want to learn something, and attracts pirated Photoshop, AutoCAD, or just software to create music.
Pirates have become musicians, for which the price tool for the job of bringing millions should not play a role.

I wonder, however, how much it’s their fault, and how much ignorance? It is possible that caught red-handed DJs really had no idea how he got into their outfits software. Do not be surprised if in the cited cases, responsible for their assistant or employed by the IT manager.
There is also the question, why not take advantage of the free software? If Windows is too expensive, then upload Linux. Do you want to write something? Instead crackować Office use Open Office, Word in the browser or Google Docs. You can not afford a license for Adobe products – you can use GIMP.
Examples could be multiplied, and why not to get it into the music industry?

torenty piracy pirate pirates torrent
Apart from the fact that the quotation at the beginning of the artists are not pirates because of the high price of the software, it turns out that in the case of the music world war has been going on „free” versus „paid”. It turns out that the free software, and especially the released under an open source, is not welcome in the world of music.
Firms engaged in the production of commercial software openly say that the professionals do not need to approach towards software freeware. Rather than encouraging their products wealth of features, fine tune and technical support, use the demagogy comparing free software for … piracy.
Both sides of the barricades are not without fault, and the music industry and software developers have their behind the ears. Now, however, only so-so loud I think that the creators Sylenth1 will have enough eggs to prepare at least one show trial, or prefer to lay low and do not expose yourself to the online lynching.
But I guess it would be difficult not to draw the consequences to the musicians who have fallen in such a stupid way to Avicii.

Atari Teenage Riot: Anarchists techno version

Punk, heavy electronics, extreme left-wing views and odradzającemu rebellion against Nazism. That’s what started the career of Atari Teenage Riot.
Atari Teenage Riot on the cover of „Delete Yourself!”
Atari Teenage Riot on the cover of „Delete Yourself!”
The German group, whose origin dates back to the year 1992, from the very beginning aroused considerable controversy. Team members (Alec Empire, Hanin Elias and Carl Crack) did not hide their political views. On the constantly reminded that formed a band under the ideology of opposition to neo-Nazi (impulse was the far-right militia attack on refugees hotel). Just to point out that the first single group was „Hetzjagd auf Nazis! / Hunt Down The Nazis!” Or simply „Hunt the Nazis”.

The group, which decided in its creative mix of punk, metal, hip hop and techno, thanks to his controversial image has signed a contract with a major label, Phonogram Records.

The debut album „Delete Yourself!” was released in 1995. Formation, doing the lot of confusion around him, interested in getting more serious artists. With the release of their debut album in the United States helped a group of members of the Beastie Boys.

At a joint musical concert tours and invited political anarchists among Wu-Tang Clan, Rage Against The Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Moby and Beck.

In 1995-2000 published two more studio albums the band – „The Future of War” and „60 Second of Wipe Out”. In both there is a new member of the ATR – Nick Endo. The Group also has not forgotten about his anarchist roots. In 1999, in protest against the NATO musicians organized a concert in the trailer truck, which ended with a fight ATR members of the police and arrested.

In 2000, Atari had to move into a new tour with Nine Inch Nails, but decided to give it up. In addition, the member of the group, Carl Crack, began to oppress increasingly psychotic disorders.

After the „battery charge” for each member, ATR has started work on a new album (even recorded a song together with Tom Morello), but just as quickly it was discontinued, and the formation of suspended operations. A huge blow to the members of the group had information about the death of Carl Crack in 2001.

Performed the autopsy showed an overdose of drugs and sedatives. A few weeks before the tragedy Crack visited his psychologist, who revealed that the disturbances are getting worse. One of his friends had but to say that he prefers to kill, than to lose consciousness and become a „zombie”.

After the death of Crack ATR ceased to exist for 10 years. In 2010 it was announced back with new vocalist CX KiDTRONiK. Since then, the group has released two albums, „Is This HyperReal” (2011) and „Reset” (2014).

Group after reactivation occurred several times in Poland (among others OFF Festival in 2012 and at Woodstock in 2013), thus fulfilling the dreams of fans.

Oil still peaks. Iran speaks

Again dropped the price of crude oil. At today’s opening of the New York Stock Exchange at the cost of the raw material was less than $ 45 per barrel – the lowest since April 2009.

– On the market now you can see some signs of panic and the trend is clearly downward. We do not see any action, nor does it come down to us any comments that could stop the aggressive sale – Saxo Bank strategist said Ole Hansen.

Iranian President Hassan Rowhani warned that countries with a decline in oil prices on world markets will be regretted their decision.

For more declines in oil prices has affected Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, as Iran, where in June the price of oil dropped by approx. 60 percent. to approx. $ 46 per barrel, further burdening the Iranian economy already overstrained by foreign sanctions for Tehran’s nuclear program.

– Those who planned reduction of prices aimed at the interests of other countries, they will regret their decision – said the president Rowhani.

In November, the countries affiliated to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) decided that oil production will not be affected, which would have to raise the price of gas. On Tuesday, the Minister of Energy of the United Arab Emirates Suhail ibn Muhammad Faris Faraj al-Mazrui said that OPEC will not reduce oil production, but it is expected that it will make producers outside the cartel incurring higher costs of extraction, for example. Shale oil producers in the USA.

OPEC controls approx. 40 percent. the global oil market, and Saudi Arabia, the largest exporter of raw materials, produces nearly 10 million barrels per day.

Rod Ferguson leaves the studio that created Bioshock: Infinite

Just six months stand alongside Rod Ferguson Ken Levine at Irrational Games. However, as he explains, his work in the studio from the beginning was to be temporary.

Rod Ferguson no longer bound to the Irrational Games. Manufacturer Series Gears of War confirmed his departure from the ranks of the team that gave birth to Bioshock: Infinite, by far the highest rated game of the year. – When I left the Epic Games, I learned that Irrational needs someone to help with the finishing work on the Infinite – says Ferguson.

– Repeatedly sought a better story in the games that I have worked. So it perceived as a unique opportunity for you to be able to learn from Ken (Levine, creative director of Irrational Games – ed.) And his team on how to create games based on the story really – explains a former employee of Epic Games.

– I am very proud of the work we have done, but also the achievements of the whole team and the result that we have achieved in the Infinite. Now that the game successfully debuted, my job is done and I can start a new chapter of his life and career – adds Ferguson.

What will be next? That we do not know for now. It is possible that after seven years at Epic Games, and a few months of Irrational Games, Ferguson will want to follow in the footsteps of his friend with Epic, Cliff Bleszinskiego who is considering the establishment of an independent study.

Waterfall, palm trees i .. Of course zombies – new screenshots from Dead Island Riptide

If you transgress impatiently from foot to foot in anticipation of the release of Dead Island Riptide, check out our gallery, which included several new screenshots from Techland production.
There are only two and a half weeks away from the debut of Dead Island Riptide. It is enough of an eye with new images, depicting heroes of the game, armed with weapons of all sorts used to exterminate lurking at every step of zombies. Interfere with charming scenery appearing again and again delay. In such conditions, you can not see the benefit of carelessly from mother nature.

Dead Island Riptide will appear on our market not only in the standard edition – the purchase is also rich collector’s edition, equipped with not only eye-catching gadgets, as well as additional digital content. As for the game itself, the representatives of Deep Silver argue that it is sufficient for 20-30 hours of gameplay.

WRC 3 features all the rallies in the 2012

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Most Excellent Games.

Battlestar Galactica Posted tak aby admin on April 28th, 2009 filed in Action Comment now » Assassin’s Creed III is zaś historical action-adventure open world stealth video game developed aby Ubisoft Montreal and published żeby Ubisoft for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360.

Hot Wheels World Race Games is actually natomiast gaming exposed through THQ. it absolutely was launched upon The fall of 9, 2004. it is kind of the stuntman online game.

TV Shows – Post your collection of telewizja Shows in here.

New posts Hot thread with new posts No new posts Hot thread with naprawdę new posts 2012-10-10 · Need for Speed Most Wanted (NFS MW) is an 2012 sandbox racing video game, developed aby British games developer Criterion Games and published by.

2012-04-20 · Need For Speed (NFS) World Game Full version download Free for PC

Diablo 3 of the most commonly searched phrases in 2012

Only (or up?) One game hit the top ten most searched phrases on Google. This phrase is the title of a new hack’n’slasha Blizzard, Diablo 3
Google has published a ranking of terms that have in the past, the most grown in popularity relative to the previous year. For this purpose, analyzed over a billion passwords. The first place took the name of the deceased singer Whitney Houston. Very high, fifth place, was ranked Diablo 3 This is the only representative of the gaming industry in the statement.

Production of Blizzard, which has sold over 10 million copies, ranking among others Duchess Kate Middleton before, and even before the Olympic Games (original content inquiries to Olympics 2012), which took place during the summer in London.

A separate statement is prepared including related industry – electronics. Here, in the first place was the iPad 3, which takes the overall standings, one place higher than Diablo 3 Both of interest to us TOP 10 rankings (general and consumer electronics) are presented below.

overall ranking

First Whitney Houston
Second Gangnam Style
3rd Hurricane Sandy
4th iPad 3
5th Diablo 3
6th Kate Middleton
7th Olympics 2012
8th Amanda Todd
9th Michael Clarke Duncan
10th BBB12
Consumer Electronics

First iPad 3
Second Samsung Galaxy S3
3rd iPad Mini
4th Nexus 7
5th Galaxy Note 2
6th Play Station
7th iPad 4
8th Microsoft Surface
9th Kindle Fire
10th Nokia Lumia 920